Galentine’s Day Gift Guide: From One Bestie to Another

Valentine's Day is often associated with romantic love and couples, but let's be real, who needs a lover when you've got your girl gang? This year let's celebrate Galentine's Day by showing love to the most important women in our lives: our girl gang. *Alexa play Run the World by Beyonce* Your girlfriends have been there for you through everything! Your meltdowns, 3 am phone calls, drunken thoughts, crying sessions…pretty much everything. They deserve to be spoiled and celebrated! 
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Gift-giving can be tough, especially when you want to show your appreciation to multiple people without breaking the bank. Let’s face it, we are all balling on a budget this year. That's why I've compiled a list of gifts that are perfect for your besties. It's time we celebrated all the amazing people in our lives. Whether you're looking for something small or something more extravagant, here are some gifts for you to snag your BFFs. Bring on the loooveeee.  

1. Mental health is high on everyone’s agenda and it isn't going anywhere. Help your friends stay on top of their wellness goals with a sleek and minimal gratitude journal. Besties that slay together, stay together.  

The Five Minute Journal -- $29

MARKET --- Five Minute Journal

2. This one is a favorite of mine. A deck of cards. But not just any cards. We’re Not Really Strangers is a favorite amongst everyone for a reason. Perfect for your friend to whip out during a girl’s hang, family night, or date night with their partner. It’ll be sure to bring their friendships or relationships to a deeper level. They’ll be sure to thank you for this one.  

We're Not Really Strangers Game -- $25

MARKET - We're Not Strangers Game


3. Most people are on their “New Year, New Me” gym grind so it’s only appropriate to get your gal the perfect gym bag. The Go 2 Tote is the ONE! It’s like the Mary Poppins of bags, but with a whole lot of chic! Your bestie will be sure to fit all her unnecessary products (we all do that) and “serve looks” while getting their fit on at the gym.  

Go 2 Tote -- $175

MARKET -- Go 2 Tote


4. Show your friends how special they are to you with a personalized piece of jewelry, like an initial necklace from Celeste Sol. I have one myself and let me just say they are to die for! I have my everyday necklaces, so I just stack this necklace with all the others. It’s chic, dainty, and can I just say the material 🔥

Celeste Sol Initial Starburst Necklace -- $40

MARKET -- Celeste Sol Necklace


5. Waffles or pancakes? The answer is always waffles. For the foodie in your group, a waffle maker is a totally unexpected gift but one I can promise they will use more than you think. It’s small and easy to use, even if they're like me and can't cook to save their life. 

Dash Mini Waffle Maker -- $10



6. Help your bestie live out their ballet dreams. Ballercore is a hot trend right now and we are here for it! Your girlie can wear these on a night out, to dinner, when they’re out running errands, or on weekend brunch dates. Chic and versatile! They’ll love you for helping them look en pointe this season.  

Ballet Flats -- $90



7. Shoutout to Miley Cyrus for “Flowers” and for the healthy reminder that we in fact can buy ourselves some flowers. She just gets it. Show your girlie that you love them with a bouquet of roses that won’t die. Like your love for them. Even if you’re not the cheesy type, flowers are great for showing someone how much you love them. 

The Over the Moon by Rosepops -- $156



Remember, Valentine's Day isn't just about romantic love. Please, let’s break that stereotype. It's about showing love to all the important people in our lives, and there's no one more important than our girl gang. So, let's celebrate Galentine's Day by giving them gifts that are cute and thoughtful.