Introducing InventHer Live!

This February is National Women Inventors Month!To celebrate, we’re partnering with the United Inventors Association (UIA) to create a month of original programming featuring women inventors and their products. This new show, InventHer Live!, will debut on February 2nd at 7 pm ET and run each Thursday through February 
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What is the UIA? 
The UIA is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational resources to and creating opportunities for the independent inventing community, while encouraging honest and ethical business practices among industry service leaders. We are the largest inventor member organization in the US, and support nearly 100 affiliate inventor associations. The UIA mission is to empower inventors through education, access, and advocacy. 


“The UIA dedicated to providing educational resources to and creating opportunities for the independent inventing community, so this is a natural partnership for us,” said Carmine Denisco, United Inventors Association board member. “Not only is it a chance for our inventors to show off their products, but it’s also an opportunity for those interested in inventing to learn about what goes on behind the scenes and ask questions.”  


What Can You Expect from InventHer Live!? 

The show will be hosted by Marcy McKenna, award-winning inventor and founder of the Women’s Inventor Club and feature creators in the categories of Fashion and Accessories, Beauty, Food and Beverage and Home Solutions, including celebrated inventors of popular products. 


InventHer Live! promises to shine a well-deserved light on the growing community of female innovators in America, and hopes to inspire the next generation of creative women via one-on-one interviews designed to pull back the curtain on inventive processes. 


“Our goal for InventHer Live! is to showcase, not just the amazing products these women have invented, but also their journeys,” said McKenna. “Often times, the path for success for women is very different and those stories can be inspirational to others.”  


See You There! 

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with the UIA to present programming about women inventors,” said Rory Cutaia, CEO of Verb Technologies, creator of  “Our platform has elevated ecommerce by giving sellers the ability to tell their stories and make genuine connections to our audience in real time. It’s the perfect match for a series like InventHer Live!”  


To RSVP for InventHer Live!, -- CLICK HERE!